Mississauga Little Aces promotes a game-based approach to learning tennis for kids ages 6-16 years old

What is Minor League Team Tennis?

If you walk by the Ontario Racquet Club on a Sunday afternoon and see kids playing tennis, hear the roar of applause and shouts of ‘Come on!’, you just passed by the Minor League. Tennis Minor Leagues are not well known even in the tennis world. Why is that? Unbeknownst to parents, kids as young as 6 years old can play in a league because games are played using Kid’s Tennis format, which includes appropriate equipment (based on age and skill level) with corresponding court sizes. In fact, playing tennis in the league is one of the most popular activities for kids. At the beginning of each season, the Minor Leagues is often quick to fill up!

Participants practice and play matches on in a friendly, learning-based environment. Teams will be formed in the latter part of the league based on the head-to-head results in the first half. Players of similar levels to compete against one another to ensure a fun and competitive match. The minor league is structured in six divisions, which are (1) Red Ball, ½ Court (recommended ages 6-8), (2) Orange Ball, ¾ Court (recommended ages 8-10), (3) Green Ball, Modified Full Court (recommended ages 9-11), (4) Green Ball Full Court (recommended ages 10-12), (5) Regular Ball Full Court (recommended ages 10-12) and (6) Teens Regular Ball Full Court (recommended ages 13-16)

Every Sunday afternoon, 80-100 kids participated in the Minor League!

Why play in Minor League Team Tennis?

Kids get to play right away! Leagues are set up to match players of similar abilities against one another. 

The ladder grouping and team setting allows kids to create awesome friendships. It is also a great way to introduce them to competition. By competing on a team, the pressure of winning or losing becomes less for the individual. Rather, each kid does his or her best to contribute to the team’s success and have fun!

Leagues will keep kids fit and healthy by offering approximately 1.5 hours of tennis per week. It is a great way to get regular exercise.

As the kids progress from Red Ball, ½ Court through to Regular Ball, Full Court, parents can watch their children visibly improve.

For Spring 2022 Season Program Schedule, click here.

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