About Us

The Little Aces program is a nation-wide initiative introduced by Tennis Canada back in the spring of 2010. The City of Mississauga was selected as the first City to launch this project. Mississauga Little Aces are recognized as the leader as we have successfully piloted these programs which are replicating across the country. 

The mission of Mississauga Little Aces is to recruit and retain under 16 participants in tennis. We encourage Mississauga youth to live a healthy and active lifestyle by playing tennis. With the scaled-down tennis format which uses age/skill appropriate equipment and court sizes, children are able to learn the game quicker and rally with early success. Change has come to tennis and kids are playing the Game. Our game-based approach is to encourage kids playing tennis as a game, as supposed to never-ending lessons and drills. Our Little Aces Minor League Program, which runs all year round, has just accomplished this goal. From Spring to Fall, we also provide League Preparation and League Enhanced Classes to help kids playing the game. 

It is also our goal to make our programs affordable and accessible, while at the same time build a long-term participation pathway for many youngsters in the City that would otherwise not be able to access tennis. From the get-go, the strategy of our initiative is inclusive: tennis is a sport for both able-bodied and disabled bodies. In 2012, we have successfully piloted the first Little Aces Wheelchair program in the country. In 2014, we integrated wheelchair tennis with the minor league.

Mississauga Little Aces have shown that tennis is a sport that can be played by participants of all ages, levels of proficiency and physical abilities!

For any question regarding our programs or partnership opportunities, please contact Albert Fong, National Mentor, Team Tennis Program, Tennis Canada

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