Adopted by Tennis Canada

Albert has provided exceptional leadership with a well-thought format and structure to deliver the Little Aces league and wheelchair program so the participants have fun, play at an appropriate skill level and enjoy playing with friends and peers. Albert’s leadership has been felt nationally as the league structure and wheelchair program has been adopted by Tennis Canada and is being used by many leaders across Canada.

The Little Aces league and wheelchair programs have helped provide a superb and healthy sports environment for many families and participants.  Values of fun, fair play, success, family, community, and a team are reinforced through a well-structured team and play format that helps develop skills but more importantly, allows participants work towards the team and individual goals. The participants and families love the comradery and overall format.  The retention rate is impressive as often the league has waiting lists and is a hot commodity when the sign up is released.

Thank you, Albert, for enriching and inspiring many families, parents, and volunteers to live a healthy and active lifestyle while learning many important values along the way through a sport for life.  Also a special congratulation for being recognized with a Tennis Canada Distinguished Service Award for all the important and meaningful work you are doing to help so many.

– Hatem McDadi, Senior Vice-President, Tennis Canada

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