Our Tennis Programs
Little Aces Minor League (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer)

An exciting tennis program where yougsters aged 6 to 16 play against others of similar ability in a ladder and team format.


What is Little Aces Minor League?

The Little Aces Minor League is a tennis program that provides participants with the opportunity to combine practice and play, with a focus on skill development through match play. Games are played using the Kid’s Tennis format, which includes appropriate equipment (based on age and skill level) with corresponding court sizes. The minor league is structured in six divisions, with a unique court set up for each division.

  1. Red Ball, ½ Court (recommended ages 6-8)
  2. Orange Ball, ¾ Court (recommended ages 8-10)
  3. Green Ball, Modified Full Court (recommended ages 8-11)
  4. Green Ball, Full Court (recommended ages 9-11)
  5. Regular Ball, Full Court (recommended ages 10-12)
  6. Teens Regular Ball, Full Court (recommended ages 13-16)

We strive to provide ample playing opportunities for the betterment and enjoyment of your child’s game. In the first part of the program, participants will play matches against each other in a ladder format to establish a relative standing.  Balanced teams will be formed later in the program based on the ladder standing. Scores are kept throughout the entire program.

The league, which is open to the public, runs at the indoor/outdoor facility of the Ontario Racquet Club on Sunday afternoons.


Why is the league different from traditional lesson programs?

Historically, tennis has been a sport where it is perceived that a fairly high level of skill is required to compete. This led parents to often choose lessons as the method to get their child involved in tennis. This resulted in children often not getting the opportunity to play the game long after being introduced to the sport.

The minor league concept provides the participant with the opportunity to play right away and eventually be part of a team. The minor league introduces tennis as a game, where playing is the main focus. Children learn as they play and have fun while improving. As soon as they can start the point with a feed, and rally over the net four times, they can join the league. We will provide children with tips on how to improve their game for match play throughout the program.

The minor league operates much like a recreational house league and fills the gap between lessons and tournament competition. It serves the greater number of kids who like to play tennis recreationally but in a competitive environment. Teams will be formed in the latter part of the program, where there are playoffs at the end of the season, which gives purpose to the league.


Why Parents like it?

Parents like it because they see that (1) their kids are playing tennis with their friends and other kids; (2) their kids are having fun and smiling; (3) their kids are visibly improving; (4) their kids are gaining confidence; (5) their kids developed a positive competitive spirit in the sport and (6) as their kids progress from one division to another division, this structured progression puts tennis in equal footing with other sports like hockey and soccer, in which there is a clear progression from one level to the next.


Why Kids love it?

Kids love it because they (1) get to play right away – there is no more wait in line to hit a ball; (2) make good friends; (3) have fun; and (4) it is awesome to play in a team and get recognized for their efforts.


For the Spring 2022 Season Program Guide and Registration, click here.

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