First Little Aces Wheelchair Tennis Program Launches in Mississauga
First Little Aces Wheelchair Tennis Program Launches in Mississauga

The Little Aces program in Mississauga, Ont. reached another milestone on Saturday, when it saw the launch of the first ever Little Aces wheelchair tennis program. Five kids between the ages of eight and 14 participated in the kick-off session at the Ontario Racquet Club, and were introduced to warm-up games as well as a series of progressive tennis drills like throw drills, floor tennis and groundstrokes.

“It was great to see how much fun the kids had out there,” said Hatem McDadi, vice-president, tennis development, Tennis Canada. “So many smiles and excitement, with lots of activity and super positive energy from the coaches and volunteers. The parents seemed as happy as the kids, so it was a real home run start to Little Aces wheelchair tennis in Mississauga.”

“I got to partner with a grade three girl, Daniela, who beamed and giggled constantly,” said Peter Bedard of Little Aces North York, who volunteered at the event. “She’d say ‘I love tennis’ every few minutes. Her parents were very pleased as well.”

“It seems that this program is well received by the kids and the parents,” said Albert Fong, chair, Mississauga Little Aces. “A parent has already asked if we will continue after the fall session.”

For further information or for those interested in joining the eight-week program, please contact Albert Fong at

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